How to Keep Allergens Away with Spring HVAC Maintenance

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With spring’s arrival, the beautiful Sonoran Desert flowers and trees are in full bloom. Though not all Arizonans appreciate the season. During this time of the year, millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies. But this doesn’t have to necessarily be a miserable time with family members sneezing, coughing, and itching eyes. Your HVAC system is your secret weapon in trapping allergens and creating a contaminant-free zone inside your house.

How a Spring HVAC Tune Up Helps Decrease Allergies

A professional HVAC tune up restores heating and air conditioning to a like-new condition. When your unit functions at its peak level, it means that it will be removing allergens inside your house. And with your system functioning optimally, you will be less likely to open windows or doors which function as major entry points for pollen and other allergens.

A tune up also helps prepare your unit for the challenging, hot monsoon season ahead. Our trained HVAC specialists will inspect your system for any irregularities and fix them before they turn into a system breakdown. This includes cleaning any dirt that has accumulated in the sensitive parts of your system and performing various tests to ensure moving parts are lubricated, refrigerant levels are topped up, and all controls such as the indoor thermostat are on the proper setting.

On average, 20% of cooled air moving through ductwork inside your home is lost due to issues such as leaks, holes, and poor duct connections. Ductwork performance can be improved by insulating ductwork, sealing any leaks, and checking for disconnected ductwork where the ducts attach to registers and vents. Your HVAC expert has the training and experience to help keep your system running efficiently.

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