Heat Pump Freezing Up: What Do You Do to deal with a Frozen Heat Pump?

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Heat Pump Freezing Up-What To DoYour heat pump can freeze up any time of the year, not just during the cold winter months. Under normal operation, frost develops on the outdoor coils. When the frost begins to build up, the unit automatically shifts into defrost mode to melt the frost.

If this defrosting mechanism malfunctions, ice can build up to a point that the heat pump freezes and ceases to function.

Learn what you can do and when a qualified HVAC tech is needed.

What You Can Do If Your Heat Pump Is Freezing Up

Sometimes the unit itself is not the problem. One of the first things you can do if you notice ice buildup is to see if the water is coming from an external source. A leaky gutter above the unit or freezing rain can cause ice buildup that blocks airflow past the coils.

Blocked air vents, clogged air filters, and debris build up around the unit may restrict airflow. Clear away all debris surrounding your outside unit and move any items inside the home that are blocking your air vents. Change the filters every few weeks or months according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

What An HVAC Tech Should Do If The Heat Pump Freezes

A qualified HVAC technician can troubleshoot a more complicated problem with your frozen heat pump.
In some cases, water accumulates inside the condenser because of the slab underneath the unit shifts or settles. A technician can offer solutions for improving drainage.

Technicians can check the unit’s automatic defrost controls for faulty or worn components. Repairs may include replacing a faulty sensor, thermostat, defrost relay or reversing valve.

Your heat pump is vulnerable to icing if the refrigerant level drops too low. If this is the case, the technician will have to determine the source of the leak and repair it before refilling the system with refrigerant. Technicians must be certified by the EPA to work with refrigerants, so this is definitely a task you cannot do without help from the professionals.

Rely On The Heating And Cooling Experts

Ice build-up on your outdoor unit is the most obvious sign when your heat pump freezes up in winter or any time of the year. You can rely on the experts at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating to offer effective and affordable solutions for all your residential HVAC system maintenance and repairs.

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