Gratitude for Your HVAC System This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving next week, it’s an ideal time to reflect on all we’re grateful for. This should include our home’s HVAC system. All year long, our heating and cooling system quietly works hard to ensure our home is comfortable – even when there are extreme temperatures outside. All that your HVAC system asks for in return is a little attention every now and then.

Keeping your HVAC system happy and functioning at optimal performance begins with scheduling regular tune ups. At Bruce’s, our team of licensed technicians is here to help you get on track and stay on track with maintaining your system. This will extend the life of your system while helping maximize efficiency. In other words, it will save you on your utility bill. Small issues can be addressed before they become major problems. Because maintenance is so important, we highly recommend a service agreement that provides flexible maintenance appointments, savings on maintenance visits and discounts on repairs.

Other Ways to Say Thanks to Your HVAC System This Thanksgiving

Along with regular tune ups, you also can help maintain your system.

  • Dust your vents – This improves your home’s air quality and puts less stress on your system.
  • Change your air filters – Dirty filters make your entire system work harder. Before Thanksgiving, spend a few moments to change your air filter which will help increase efficiency.
  • Clear the clutter around your outside unit – Winter storms are just around the corner. By removing debris, vegetation, and loose items that are in close proximity to your outside unit, you can go a long way towards preventing damage caused by wind and storms.
  • Consider an air filtration system – Air quality has been a focus for all families in 2020. With an air filtration system, you can better protect you and your family from airborne illnesses and allergens.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. And if you need service, call us at 480-968-5652.