Getting Your AC Ready for Monsoon Season

The official start of Arizona’s monsoon season is June 15th, running through September 30th. And the National Weather Service is predicting an active 2022 monsoon season for Arizona. These fast-moving storms are the result of a change in wind patterns, using the Sonoran Desert Southwest’s summer heat to bring moist wind currents north from Mexico. During monsoon season, the desert surrounding the Valley of the Sun bursts into a flurry of monstrous cumulonimbus clouds dropping bursts of rain and hail, towering thunderstorms, and severe flooding.

Homeowner’s new to the Valley of the Sun will soon realize it’s not a dry heat in the summertime with elevated levels of humidity. At Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we highly recommend that before monsoon season strikes, you make certain to check your air conditioning system. Here’s how:

Check Your Outdoor AC Unit

Never underestimate the power of monsoon storms. These violent storms can knock down trees, power lines, and may even damage AC units. You want to check your outdoor AC unit to make sure there are no tree branches, rocks, obstructions, or plants growing close to the unit. Dust and debris from monsoon winds, hail, and rain can damage the outdoor unit. Some homeowner’s cover their outdoor AC unit with a tarp to protect it when monsoons hit. If you do cover your AC unit with a tarp before the impending storm, make sure the power is turned off to the AC before covering it.

Check AC Drainage Line

During monsoon season, there’s a substantial increase in humidity, which means more moisture inside your house. Your AC system acts as a dehumidifier and removes excess moisture from the air inside your home. That’s why it’s important that the AC water drainage line is clear and not clogged. Otherwise, you’ll not only have water backing up or pooling near your outdoor AC unit, but the air inside your home will start to be uncomfortably hot and humid.

Call Your AC Professionals

Your air conditioning system is key to keeping you and your family cool during monsoon season. Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating gets a slew of calls during monsoon season about damaged AC outdoor units. Why not have your AC system checked by one of our certified technicians before the next monsoon storm arrives? Don’t sweat it, call Bruce’s at 480-968-5652 to schedule your appointment today.