Fresh Air – Is It Time to Consider a New Air Conditioning System for Your Home?

Most air conditioning systems are built to last. It’s not uncommon for good quality AC units to provide service for 10 years or more, with some lasting up to 15 or even 20 years. Given the mobile nature of our society and the fact that on average, Americans move once every five years, it’s understandable most homeowners have no idea the exact age or service history of their air conditioning unit. If you’ve been hearing strange noises from your air conditioner, or you’ve noticed the old workhorse just isn’t getting the job done lately, it may be time for a breath of fresh air and to consider replacing your home air conditioning system.

Quality of Air – Quality of Life

Though replacing the air conditioning unit in your home is a considerable expense, it’s helpful to view the cost in the larger context of quality of life and the overall investment in your home. Let’s face it, summers in the Southwest can be brutal. More than any other region in the United States, properly functioning air conditioning is crucial to living comfortably under the glare of the unforgiving Arizona summer sun. With an increased number of individuals working from home, indoor air quality and general, day-to-day comfort is more important than ever and can factor heavily into your daily productivity. An underperforming and inefficient AC system can be a constant annoyance. Living with the unpleasant thought that your AC unit might not make it through the summer creates stress and uncertainty. When trying to decide what’s best for your home, consider these factors:

Aging AC Units

Is your AC unit at least 10 years old? Over time, the intensity of the sun and exposure to the elements will wear down even the best units. At 10 years plus, it’s good idea to have your AC system assessed by a professional.
Energy Bills on The Rise?
Saving money by not purchasing a new AC unit could be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Rising costs on your monthly energy bills could be a strong indicator the efficiency of your old unit is not up to snuff. Recent advances in AC design and technology have produced more energy-efficient air conditioning systems which can save you money on your overall energy expenditures.

Mounting Repair Bills

Generally as your unit gets older, the calls for service become more frequent and the repair bills escalate. Replacing the compressor or other major components on an older unit can be costly over time. It may make more sense to replace the entire system. If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your repairs, it may be time to do a cost benefit analysis before your next major expense.

New Thermostats, New Technology

The benefits of new technology and programmable thermostats give homeowners significantly more control over their home energy costs than ever before. Take the time to review your entire system factoring in the ability to lower your monthly energy bills and cool your home more efficiently.

A new AC unit is a major purchase. You’ll want to hire the very best professionals to guide you through the process. Trust the experts at Bruce’s Air Conditioning and Heating who have been successfully installing air conditioners since 1972. We’ll help you choose the ideal unit for your home which will provide excellent service for many, many years. Call us today at 480-968-5652.