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Five Common Home Heating Mistakes

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While winters in much of Arizona seem mild compared to other parts of the country, overnight lows frequently dip below freezing, and cold snaps do roll into the Valley of the Sun during January and February. Many homes here utilize heating systems only sparingly during the year. As a result, homeowners often inadvertently make some common mistakes trying to stay cozy that end up costing more money in higher energy costs. Read below to learn five typical home heating slip-ups and how to steer clear of them.

Thermostat Confusion

The thermostat controls much more than temperature. You may not realize that turning it higher than the desired heat setting won’t warm your home faster. Excessive cycling strains HVAC systems. If you use a programmable thermostat, you can use the settings to optimize energy savings. You’ll want to resist constantly overriding pre-programmed schedules or you’ll negate potential savings from lowering heat levels when you’re away from home.

DIY Disasters

If you attempt complex furnace repairs or ductwork modifications without proper training, you can make existing issues worse or can even disable built-in safety mechanisms. Likewise, using improperly installed space heaters can result in devastating home fires during winter. Ensure you have a sufficient number of smoke alarms installed and be sure to have working fire extinguishers in your home. Leave tricky heating tasks to your local, seasoned HVAC technicians.

Forgotten Fire Risks

Don’t ever leave fireplaces unattended or let ashes smolder too long afterwards. Use caution with outdoor heaters too.

Poorly Sealed Structures

You’re probably aware that worn seals around doors and windows can waste energy. Outlets and switches on exterior walls, dryer and bathroom vent ducts, gaps around pipes and wires, foundations, attics, unfinished spaces, and fireplaces can all leak costly warm air outdoors.

Equipment Neglect

Just like your car, home heating systems need periodic maintenance for efficient, reliable operation. Don’t take your HVAC equipment for granted. Replace your air filters as recommended, clear debris from outdoor units, and have your local professional technicians inspect for any leaks and corrosion. Address strange noises, burning smells, or icy spots immediately to prevent heating system breakdowns.

Call Bruce’s for All Your Heating Needs

This winter, outsmart common home heating mistakes. A little vigilance in monitoring fire hazards, HVAC maintenance, thermostat know-how, and heat loss prevention through sealing and insulation will pay you back in “warm” dividends this winter—and for years to come. Call your knowledgeable Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating professionals today at 480-968-5652 to schedule an appointment.