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End of Summer Tips for Your Home’s HVAC System

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Who doesn’t enjoy that refreshing blast of cold air when you come inside your air-conditioned house after being outside in the excessive summer heat? Air conditioning usage can account for over 60% of your electricity charges during the summer. Valley of the Sun residents also have to deal with monsoon thunderstorms that can potentially wreak havoc on your home and HVAC system with powerful winds, lightning strikes, and localized flooding.

Not sure how to care for your air conditioner during this time of the year? Check out these tips that can go a long way toward ensuring your AC unit and home are ready when the storms hit.

Examine AC Unit Drain Lines

Debris and dust can clog your air conditioning unit’s condensation drain lines. If you notice water is collecting in the drain pan, it’s likely there’s a clogged line. The line can either be DIY unclogged using a wet/dry vacuum or by contacting your local AC professional for help.

Check Outdoors

Secure any outdoor objects, such as pool umbrellas and chairs, which can be flung into HVAC equipment, as well as windows or even power lines, during powerful storms. Remove tree branches, trim back shrubbery, and bag up other yard debris that can easily damage your outdoor AC unit, windows, or doors.

Verify AC Servicing Issues

Here are a few signs your air conditioner may need a service call:

  • The AC is often turning on and off for no reason.
  • Your monthly energy bills have increased unexpectedly without increased AC usage.
  • The compressor is iced up.
  • New noisy sounds emanating from the AC unit such as clicking, rattling, buzzing, hissing, or rattling.

Prepare an Emergency Supply Pack

In case there’s a prolonged power outage due to a monsoon thunderstorm, have an emergency supply pack on hand. The pack should include non-perishable food items, a first aid kit, water bottles, flashlights, and extra batteries.

Call Bruce’s

Maybe you’ve delayed having your air conditioner serviced since last year. It’s never too late to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. We’ll check for any problems and repair them proactively so that small issues won’t turn into big problems that leave you without AC during summer’s sweltering temperatures. Bruce’s will have your HVAC unit running efficiently to save you money in the long run.

By taking some steps to ensure your air conditioner is protected and working properly, you can have a summer free from air conditioner problems. Call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating today at 480-968-5652 for Valley-wide service during monsoon season and throughout the rest of the year. Bruce’s is here to keep your family comfy and cool.

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