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Common Fall AC Problems

What a long, hot summer it has been in the heat island known as the Valley of the Sun. Homeowners have been experiencing record high temperatures and high energy bills all summer long. With your AC blasting away for months and the arrival of fall, there can be some common situations that may occur before the cooling season arrives —around Halloween typically.

AC Blowing Warm Air

Is your AC running, but only warm air is blowing from the indoor vents? There are a few items to evaluate before calling for servicing. The first thing you’ll want to do is check the thermostat to see if the temperature settings are accurate. Then, check the air filter to see if it’s clogged with dust and debris. A clogged air filter can result in frozen evaporator coils which can lead to the AC pumping out warm air.

AC Leakage

A common symptom with AC units is excessive leakage which can be a sign of a wide variety of underlying issues. One of the main causes of widespread leakage is from a blocked condensate line. The condensate line, also known as the drain line, is the plastic pipe running through the AC unit draining moisture outside. It collects evaporator coil moisture with the line ending by draining into the drain pan. Line clogs can damage the AC unit, cause water damage, and even mold growth. If the drip pan is cracked, you may notice water pooling by the outside AC unit.

Air Conditioning Breaker Switch

When the AC unit is turned on and off frequently, compressor and fan controls can wear out quickly. Air conditioning systems draw a large amount of power, especially during the summer months through late October when your AC unit is running full tilt for weeks at a time. There are many reasons your breaker switch might be tripped such as power grid failure, power surges, or electrical issues due to storms. If your air conditioner stops working, always check the breaker switch first. If your breaker switch is constantly going off, that is an indication of a problem. You may have an undersized breaker, a faulty breaker switch, or a loose breaker, all of which will require replacement.

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