Are Two AC Units Necessary for Your House?

Summer is a challenging enough time for everyone living in the Valley of the Sun. It can be particularly difficult maintaining a comfortable temperature in a two-story home, older home, or a large one-story home with only one central air conditioning unit. Two AC systems have key advantages over one unit, but it’s not always the best choice. Your home’s design, layout, square footage, and age along with the cost of purchasing two AC units will impact your decision. Here are some important considerations if you’ve been thinking about adding a secondary unit.

Temperature Balance

In some homes, it can be extremely challenging to keep the entire house at the same temperature. Rooms in a home with a second floor are often warmer than first floor rooms because warmer air rises. Using two air conditioning units, one for each floor, will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire home. In fact, in some homes, the first floor can be cooled during the daytime and the thermostat turned up at bedtime if all occupied bedrooms and pets are upstairs. The upstairs bedrooms may only need to be kept cooler at night, allowing for a significant savings in energy over the long-term.

Electricity Savings

One AC unit will run longer and use more energy to cool your entire home to an ideal temperature. With two AC systems, you can control how much energy is being used to keep a room or space comfortable. In other words, decreasing the square footage being cooled lowers energy costs.

AC Backup

What about going with another alternative instead of buying an additional AC unit? You may want to consider purchasing a single-unit zoned system. A zoned system controls the temperature differently in specific areas of your house. This type of system enhances the way AC is managed in your home by way of dampers inside ductwork. The dampers can change the air flow of cool or warm air to different areas of your house. The cost of a single-unit zoned system is more than a standard AC unit, but over a longer period of time, the zoned system rapidly decreases your monthly energy costs.

Have a More Comfortable Summer

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