Air Conditioning Tips During Monsoon Season

Monsoon rain, wind, thunder and lightning will be here by the middle of the month. Although Valley residents enjoy the cooler temperatures that can come with summer storms, the associated water, wind and dust can wreak havoc on air conditioning units. Not sure how to care for your air conditioner during monsoon season? The following are a few proactive steps that can go a long way toward ensuring your system is ready when the storms hit.

Prepare Your Yard – Gale force winds are not uncommon during monsoon storms. Tree branches can easily break and hit your air conditioning unit, as well as your home. Before the season begins, remove any dead branches and thin out leaves to avoid breakage during high winds.

Stock Up on Air Filters – Dust can blanket the entire Phoenix metro area during a monsoon storm. This ultimately collects in your air conditioner’s filters. Change out filters at least once a month or more often if there is a series of dust storms.

Check Condensation and Moisture – Dust can also clog your air conditioning unit’s drain lines. If water is collecting in your drain pan, it’s likely you have a clogged line. You can either unclog a line using a wet/dry vacuum or call a professional air conditioning technician for assistance.

Schedule a Service Call – If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced in a while, schedule an appointment today. Not only can any problems be identified and repaired proactively, your unit can be evaluated for efficiency.

The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly rings true when it comes to maintaining your air conditioner during the wild and wooly Arizona monsoon season. By taking a few preliminary steps to ensure your air conditioner is protected and working properly, you can have a summer free from air conditioner problems.

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