Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save You Big in 2018

Anyone who lives in the greater Phoenix area is familiar with the high cost of summer air conditioning bills. Actually, many Arizona homeowners use their air conditioner for most of the year! Yet, there are ways to contain the cost of cooling. And, the single most important way you can do this is by getting regular air conditioning maintenance.

The Value of a Tune-up

Like cars, air conditioning systems require periodic adjustment and cleaning due to normal wear and tear.  Because air conditioners in desert climates, such as the Phoenix area, are used more frequently than in other regions, it’s only logical that they require more frequent maintenance. By ensuring your system undergoes regular maintenance, you keep the motor and other components working efficiently. In other words, your system won’t work as hard if it’s running well. In turn, you won’t be driving up your utility bill with an inefficient air conditioner. Proactive tune-ups also help extend the life of your system. Often, this results in your air conditioner having years of extended life. More money in your pocket!

Problems can also be detected during regular maintenance before they turn into system failures. The difference between fixing a minor problem and replacing an entire unit can amount to thousands of dollars saved. As well, regular replacement of air filters and cleaning can ensure air is circulating effectively through the system and reduces the load on the unit. You’ll have cooler air with less work by simply replacing your filters on a regular basis.

At Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we encourage homeowners to consider an HVAC maintenance agreement. You’ll gain the flexibility to schedule maintenance when it’s convenient for you and get valuable discounts when you do need service.

In 2018, you can save on your cooling costs by making the wise decision to have ongoing HVAC preventive maintenance. Call us today to learn more about our maintenance agreements and how they can help you save big next year.