What Defines an Air Conditioning Emergency?

Nearly every air conditioning service provider offers 24/7 emergency service. Yet, not every air conditioning problem is an emergency. Many homeowners are uncertain when a problem falls into the category of a true air conditioning emergency. Here are a few guidelines to help you determine if you are experiencing a situation that warrants emergency service.

A System Failure at the Worst Possible Time

It’s the perfect storm of air conditioning problems. You discover that your air conditioner stopped working on a Friday evening. It’s supposed to be the hottest weekend of the year. And, you have company coming to stay with you tomorrow! We’ve all been there, and yes, this is a true air conditioning emergency.

Vulnerable Family Members

In the greater Phoenix metro area, temperatures frequently exceed 110 degrees in the summer. This means that indoor temperatures can quickly get above 90 degrees if there is no air conditioning. High temperatures inside a home are not just uncomfortable. They can also be dangerous to young children, pets and the elderly. In any situation when high temperatures pose a health threat, you have an air conditioning emergency.

A Safety Issue

In some cases, an emergency air conditioning repair may be more to do with safety than your home’s comfort. For example, refrigerant may be leaking or the unit may have sparked, started smoking or even caught on fire. This isn’t a problem to take a “wait and see approach” with. Call for help day or night if you are worried about the safety of your family or home due to an air conditioning problem.

What’s Not an Air Conditioning Emergency

While no one enjoys a malfunctioning air conditioner, not all problems are emergencies. The vast majority of issues can be handled during normal business hours. These include:

  • Routine maintenance
  • General repairs when the outdoor temperatures are manageable
  • Installations
  • Unit failures due to power outages

Before Calling for Emergency Service

Not sure you need emergency service? You’ll want to check out the following before making that call:

  • Check to see if the circuit breaker tripped. If so, return the lever to its on position.
  • Inspect the thermostat to see if it has shut off.
  • Defrost any buildup of ice on your air conditioner by shutting off the unit and operating the fan to melt the ice.

Hopefully, you never have an air conditioning emergency. But, if you do, call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating at 480-968-5652. We’re here for you 24/7 with expert repair service.