Here at Bruce’s, we want to provide homeowners and business owners with options that are going to be affordable and provide an effective long term solution to their heating and cooling needs. We’re proud to be certified Trane HVAC dealers. When your heating and air conditioning system needs to be replaced, we’ve got the connection to provide you with a reliable system. We offer a variety of products from Trane. See our Trane HVAC products below and how they can be a positive choice for you:

Trane Air Conditionerstrane air conditioner

A Trane air conditioner is a great option if you’re looking to find relief from the heat this summer. There are variety of different central air conditioners that will give you this relief. Our knowledgeable technicians will recommend a Trane air conditioner that will meet your budget and specific necessities. Each unit will provide energy savings with its outstanding efficiency levels. You can feel at peace knowing that Trane is your best option for a new air conditioning unit in Chandler.

Trane Air Handlers

An air handler is an important piece to your entire air conditioner because it is the part that will circulate the cooler air throughout your home. When this part of your system decides to break, our technicians can provide you with a new air handler that will provide maximum efficiency for your needs.

Trane Gas Furnaces

Nobody likes a cold home during winter months. Trane gas furnaces are built with durable materials that will also help lower your bill. There are different types of furnaces available and our skilled technicians will recommend an option that is suitable for your needs.

Trane Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are made to heat and cool your home by grabbing the air outside and alter the temperature in your home to be at your comfort level. Trane heat pumps are all built with high energy ratings as well as durable materials that will cool and heat your home for years.

Trane Packaged HVAC Systems

Looking for an all-in-one energy efficient Trane HVAC system? Packaged HVAC systems are a great option if you’re looking to combine two into one. Whether you need a gas/electric option, full on electric system, or dual fuel option, we have you covered.

Trane Ductless HVAC Systems

Ductless HVAC systems are a great option if you’re adding rooms to your home and don’t want to pay to have ductwork installed. These systems are energy efficient, affordable, quiet, and perfect for single zones in your home that don’t have the ductwork.

Trane Indoor Air Quality Products

Indoor air can be contaminant and very unhealthy if not properly maintained with the right products. Trane has an array of indoor air quality products that will filter out the allergens and bacteria in the air while maintaining humidity levels to make your home more comfortable. If your air is causing you and your family to have aggravated allergies or asthma, talk to one of our technicians about indoor air quality products that would be suitable for your needs.

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