When selecting a new HVAC system, you want quality and affordability. Sometimes it’s hard to find both, but Ruud offers just that. With a stellar bang-for-your-buck lineup, Ruud has a product that will meet your home’s needs. At Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we are proud to be authorized dealers of Ruud products. Look below for more details on the HVAC units available.

Air Conditioners

RUUD_ProductsLiving in the Valley of the Sun, you know how crucial it is to be able to escape the heat. Ruud offers air conditioning systems that help you do just that. From the entry-level Achiever Series up to the flagship Ultra Series, Ruud offers a solid range of air conditioning units with features that include:

  • Single- or Two-Stage Compression
  • SEER Ratings up to 19.5
  • Serial Communicating Enabled Comfort Control System™

Heat Pumps

Despite the name, heat pumps are exceptional at both heating AND cooling. Functioning similar to an air conditioning unit in many ways, heat pumps can be a good alternative to a conventional air conditioner. Ruud offers an excellent selection of heat pumps, and our certified technicians can help you determine if a Ruud heat pump is the right option for your home.

  • SEER Ratings up to 18.5
  • One- to Three-Stage Operation
  • EcoNet™ Enabled

Gas Furnaces

With stellar build quality, the latest technology, and efficiency ratings up to 96%, Ruud gas furnaces are rugged and dependable.

  • EcoNet™ Enabled
  • Ruud-exclusive PlusOne™ Technology
  • Variable Capacity
  • Serial Communicating Enabled Comfort Control System™

Air Handlers

Air handlers are an integral part of a home air system. By circulating the air, they enable you to keep your entire home at a comfortable temperature. Ruud offers a wide range of air handlers to meet your home’s needs.

  • Efficiencies up to 17 SEER
  • Integrated Heating and Water Heating Systems
  • Constant Torque Two-Stage Models

Packaged Units

Simplify your system by replacing traditional air conditioning or heat pump systems with a packaged unit. By combining multiple components of a traditional HVAC system into one unit, the complexity, cost, and even your energy bills can all be lowered. Ruud has a variety of industry leading packaged units available.

  • Two- to Five-Ton Capacities
  • Gas, Electric, or Hybrid systems
  • One- to Three-Phase Operation
  • Up to 16 SEER Rating

Indoor Air Quality Products

If you suffer from allergies or if you’re just concerned with the health of yourself and your family, indoor air quality is a prime concern. Ruud offers a number of air quality products from filters to purifiers. Ask one of our technicians which unit will work best for you.