Is It a Good Idea to Use Your Air Conditioner and Fans at the Same Time?

It may be enticing to turn up the AC to full blast to cool your home. This may keep you comfortably chilled, yet your monthly utility bills will be sky high. Your most cost-effective, energy efficient, and fresh air circulation solution is to run your air conditioning unit at the same time as your fans.

AC + Fans = Cool

When you use your air conditioner and fans at the same time, whether ceiling fans or portable fans, you’ll achieve a comfy home and be energy-wise. Your AC provides cooling and reduces indoor humidity while the fans create a nice breeze, increasing your comfort.

Running fans helps reduce the “feels-like temperature” by about four degrees Fahrenheit. The draft created by fans helps your body’s cooling system work more efficiently. Fans move hot air away from your skin, and this causes natural evaporative cooling— saving you money and helping you feel cooler!

Ceiling fans and portable fans circulate AC air in your home. Cold air naturally sinks closer to the floor. Your home’s air conditioning vents push out cool air, but this air sits at floor level and doesn’t tend to circulate. Using a fan helps to push this air upwards pushing out hot air. Fans create air circulation moving air throughout your home, lowering room temperatures, and decreasing energy bills.

Other Tips

  • Turning up your thermostat by seven to 10 degrees from its typical setting for eight hours per day will reduce your cooling costs by 10%. This will also result in better indoor air quality, lower electricity bills, and lessens strain on the AC unit.
  • Open interior doors in your home. This will help your AC system to pull air more easily and efficiently. Running fans makes it feel like air is circulating better than when the fans are off. Just remember not to run fans when rooms are empty as they won’t lower temps and are just wasting energy.
  • Run your ceiling fans counterclockwise on medium to high speeds to maximize efficiency.

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