Holiday Season HVAC Gift Giving Ideas

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The holiday shopping season is the time of year to volunteer your time, make charitable donations, and give heartwarming, memorable gifts to family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. As your Valley of the Sun HVAC professionals, Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating specialize in gifts that keep on giving year-round. There may be more popular gifts stashed under your tree, but possibly none will be more appreciated than gifts for year-round temperature comfort and control.

Holidays HVAC System Check

Having an HVAC-experienced technician check all the components of a system pays off any time of the year. After timely system maintenance is complete, your HVAC system will be ready to warm your house, even on the coldest of nights. And it will also help maintain home comfort hour after hour, day after day throughout the year. In other words, a seasonal HVAC system tune-up service is a gift that keeps on giving!

Maintenance Contract

When you give the gift of a service contract, you’re giving peace of mind throughout the year. Your gift recipient will get the benefit of regular HVAC system tune ups, along with priority service whenever repairs are needed—even on holidays and weekends.

Smart Thermostat

We all love getting new digital gadgets to play with. Whether it’s a new smart TV, home appliance, or a gaming system, these gifts provide something that makes our daily lives entertaining. A smart thermostat is another electronic option that will benefit the entire family, making life easier, by automating routine tasks that save time and money. These digital thermostats are very easy to set up and use, allowing you to adjust indoor temperatures and set heating and cooling schedules whether you’re at home or away. Smart thermostats encourage consistent indoor temperatures by operating less often and using less energy. A wonderful, long-term investment in your house.

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

Any homeowner that has converted an interior space into a home office, would love this gift. Ductless mini-split heat pumps move heat from one place to another. When using this type of heat pump, a homeowner is only paying to capture existing heat resulting in lower energy bills and creating a comfortable, warm work from home space.

Celebrate the Holidays with Bruce’s

For additional details on buying practical HVAC gifts, call Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating, your locally owned experts in HVAC. Call our professionals today valley-wide at 480-968-5652.

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