air-conditionersAt Bruce’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ve seen lots of blistering hot Arizona summers. For more than 40 years, we’ve been making sure that homes and businesses in the greater Phoenix area stay cool. To get the best lineup of heavy-duty, durable air conditioners that can handle tough desert summers, we’ve partnered with Frigidaire and Trane–two seasoned manufacturers in the industry. Both of these companies have been around for a long time–a century or more. When you get an air conditioner from Bruce’s, you know you’re getting one that’s going to last.


Air conditioners are given a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency of the air conditioner–and the lower the utility bills. Almost all of the Frigidaire and Trane air conditioners from Bruce’s are built for high efficiency. These systems have undergone rigorous quality control processes to ensure that they will keep running for a long time. Outside units have been treated with a protective coating to resist corrosion. All units also have rust-resistant aluminum coils.

Ultra-High Efficiency

Frigidaire has a line of iQ Drive units that go even higher on the efficiency scale. These have SEER ratings of up to 25.5. These systems utilize a specialized technology, called inverter-driven rotary technology, that constantly adjusts the compressor to keep the temperature in your home at an exact level. These systems are almost constantly running, but they’re never off and they’re never running at full blast. As a result, your energy savings is much higher. The extra money you spend on these iQ Drive units will ultimately pay for itself in energy savings.

If the system at your home or business is old, there’s no need to continue hassling with costly repairs. Get a new Frigidaire or Trane system from Bruce’s Air Conditioning and Heating and find out how comfortable and low-cost your energy system can be. Air conditioners in Arizona need to be built to survive the desert heat.