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When a power outage arises, it can be a highly inconvenient event. In days past, it not only meant having to huddle around candlelight, but it also meant spoiled food or ruined medications. Power outages disrupt our lives.

This is especially true in an age where we are highly dependent upon electronics. Most of our lives are tied to electronics of one variety or another, meaning a power outage can knock just about every essential aspect of home life offline.

Get a home generator to avoid those interruptions.

Home generators provide peace of mind in the event of an outage, allowing you to live your life uninterrupted.

A home generator will prevent food spoilage, essential medications from being ruined, and general discomfort in the event of a power outage, leaving you in control instead of being at the mercy of the power company.

What brand of generator is trustworthy?

Generac generators have earned a reputation for being among the most reliable and efficient standby generators on the market. They have built a quality relationship with customers throughout the years thanks to generators that can outlast many storms or blackouts. These generators bring peace of mind and a feeling preparedness for any event.

Cannondale Generators is a Power Pro Premier Generac Dealer.

Cannondale Generators has helped thousands to live conveniently and comfortably through unexpected power losses. We not only specialize in Generac sales but in the installation, maintenance, and repair of Generac generators as well.

We have been in business for 29 years providing excellent customer service and working with each customer individually to plan, assess, and install generators that have kept them in comfort through sudden power loss.

Our support is fast and friendly, and we boast a large Generac generator parts inventory for quick, easy access to parts in the event of a repair. Our technicians have been servicing Generac generators for years and know the fastest and most efficient ways to get your generator running optimally once again.

How much do Generac generators cost?

The answer that question depends significantly on the size, power, and intended use of the generator that you plan to purchase. There are portable, gas-powered generators that you can keep on your property or take with you that supply 5000 watts of power and up. This is perfect for keeping appliances and electronics running for a few days, perhaps a little bit longer. These small generators cost anywhere from $600-$1000 and come with professional Generac warranty services.

The costs can vary greatly as you upgrade size and power capabilities. We have generators that go up to 50 kW, assuring that your generator can handle your power usage needs even through the most extended outages.

Residential Generac generators can run anywhere in the neighborhood of $1,500-$5,000, again depending on the specs and power supply of that generator. Regardless of the price, the investment is a sound one as Generac generators are reliable and come with an excellent service warranty in the event repairs become necessary.

Cannondale Generators is the best place to go for reliable, trustworthy Generac generators.

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