When Do I Need to Have my Furnace Repaired?

If your furnace is acting up, making unusual noises, or not operating as efficiently as it should, reach out to our team from AFC Heating and Cooling for troubleshooting or maintenance. In most cases, a furnace technician can restore efficient operation with a simple service call. Our team can diagnose your problem quickly and provide the best options for your system and budget. AFC Heating and Cooling specializes in affordable furnace repair in Independence, MO, and the surrounding Kansas City metropolitan area.

If you would like to troubleshoot your furnace before you make that maintenance call below are a few tips to help. If your system is still not turning on or is not operating correctly, make a call for a professional inspection or maintenance visit. When you need a furnace repair in Independence, MO, AFC Heating and Cooling offers 24-hour emergency repair service when things go wrong.

What Do I Do if My Furnace is Not Working Properly?

A few quick checks include:

  • Checking the power source to your furnace
  • Making sure the system is turned on
  • Venturing outside to see whether something is blocking the intake or exhaust
  • Visually inspecting the thermostat setting
  • Replacing thermostat batteries as needed
  • Replacing the system filter as indicated by the manufacturer

How Long Should It Take for My Furnace to Kick On?

You should hear an audible response from your furnace within 5 minutes of setting the thermostat. While a longer time may seem normal with your furnace, the fact is that over time, your system may have become less efficient, especially if it's been some time since you've called a technician for a maintenance visit. We recommend our customers schedule pre-winter maintenance checks to avoid breakdowns and more costly repairs. At AFC Heating and Cooling, we offer Preventive Maintenance Agreements on old or new equipment, which is backed by 24-hour emergency repair service just in case.

Why Won't My Thermostat Shut Off?

If your fan’s control is set to AUTO and the system's fan won't shut off, try turning the dial to the 'off' position and wait a minute or two to see if the fan will turn off. Fans that run continuously require the attention of a service technician to look for a short in the thermostat wiring or to check for other problems. AFC Heating and Cooling is on call day or night when you notice issues with your furnace that do not respond to troubleshooting tips. We'll be happy to come out and make sure your system is operating correctly and safely.

How Do I Choose the Right Heating & Cooling Company for my Home or Business?

Check online reviews or ask your family, friends or neighbors for a personal referral when you need a furnace repair in Independence, MO. Chances are, some of your friends and family members have called on AFC Heating and Cooling in the past 60 years to handle repairs or replacements and can provide a reliable review of our company. Check out our current specials on our website or to learn more about our company and why we are considered a well-respected furnace specialist in your community. Angie’s List awarded us their Super Service Award for HVAC six times! Judge for yourself when your call AFC Heating and Cooling today to set up your furnace repair.

What About Middle of the Night Repairs?

AFC Heating and Cooling has you covered, even if your system goes out in the middle of the night. Instead of taking advice from other HVAC companies and waiting until they open before you hear their advice, we recommend calling our technicians immediately. We're not put off by the time of day or night that you call our office; in fact, we're able to dispatch a furnace or HVAC expert to your home 24-hours a day. Why wait for morning when we can have your heating system back up and working quickly, so your family can get back to sleep?

We want the Independence community to know that they can count on our company when things go wrong with their heating or cooling systems. You'll never experience a no-call or no-show from our technicians or be left waiting by the phone for hours. You're important to us, which is why you can expect first-rate service when you call us for a furnace issue. We'll troubleshoot your heating system and recommend repairs when they make sense. If your system is beyond repair, we'll help you source an affordable replacement that meets the needs of your household.

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