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Electrical Panel Repair Calgary

On average, most people require 60 amps to run their households. But high-tech appliances may need about 200 to 300 amps. If you still have your old electrical panel, it might not be able to meet the demands of heavy gadgets, which could result in an electric failure or a fire hazard. As such, you may need electrical panel repair in Calgary or a complete replacement to upgrade your system, and we offer both services. At Ampt Over Electric, we’re one of the leading electrician companies in Calgary that provide unbeaten panel repair services. But if repairs aren’t sufficient, we can give you a modern upgrade to fulfill your power demands.

How to Upgrade Your Electric Panel 

Upgrading your panel allows you to use as much electricity as possible without overloading your system. It's important to note that an upgrade will mean different things based on the age of your panel, whether your electrical panel is damaged, your power requirements, among other factors. Here’s how to upgrade your panel:

Call Professional Electricians

When it's time to upgrade your panel, it's advisable to contact the best electricians in Calgary, AB. They'll come and:

  • Assess your electrical needs
  • Guide you in selecting the right electrical panel
  • Install the system and connect the circuits
  • Thoroughly test the system

Suppose you require a higher current rating from, say, 100 to 200 amps. In that case, the Calgary electrical contractors may have to organize with your local utility to set up the necessary equipment, including a meter and cables.

Panel Replacement-‘Heavy-Up’

Do you have an older home and new-age gadgets? Many homes now use machinery and appliances that usually overwhelm their supply, thus the need for a major upgrade. A ‘heavy up’ basically upgrades a home from 100 amp to 200-amp service that can handle demanding electrical usage.

Plan for the Future

It's essential to discuss your present and future anticipated electrical needs with an expert from one of the top electrician companies in Calgary. Even though you might not need features like an air compressor in your garage or an outlet for an electric dryer, ensuring you have the capacity and space beforehand can save you significant expenses and prevent too much hassle in the future.

Prepare Yourself

Be ready to stay without power for a couple of hours. For instance, make sure the freezer and refrigerator doors remain closed. Additionally, write a list of the things you use every time that need electricity, and if possible, make sure they’re fully charged before the accredited electrician near Calgary starts the upgrade. Also, unplug all your electronics. This is especially important because power will be switched on and off repeatedly, which might cause issues.

Professional Electrical Services in Calgary

At Ampt Over Electric, our master electrician can assess your system to determine whether electrical panel repair in Calgary will fix the defect or if you need an upgrade. Rest assured, we’ll always provide reliable solutions that will optimize your home’s energy supply and safety. At the same time, it will get rid of the safety risks that come with an overloaded or faulty panel. Call us for service: 403-862-1782.

Electrical Panel Repair Calgary

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Electrical Panel Repair Calgary

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