Wind and Weathering; the Valley of the Sun and Your Air Conditioner

Gone with the —-. Ride like the —-, whichever way the —- blows. Chinook, sirocco, haboob; a gale, a gust, a breeze, a blast. If you’ve got questions about the mysterious movement of desert air – the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. In songs and poetry, the wind is a welcome muse. However, in the Arizona desert, the wind isn’t always a harmless metaphor and it can be the adversary of your air conditioner.

Residents of Phoenix know a thing or two about wind. A cool breeze is your friend on a hot day. However, high winds in monsoon storms are routinely clocked at up to 60 miles per hour and can do significant damage to your home. The wind is a carrier of many surprises through the desert. The question is, how much of what the wind has to offer do you want inside you home? Standing guard between you and clouds of pollen, ragweed, desert dust and sand is one of your most trusted but unsung appliances – your home air conditioning unit.

Dust Devils and Desert Storms

Observing a massive cyclone-of-sand a mile-high obliterating the sun in the middle of a summer’s day is a sight that inspires awe and fear at the same time. Arizona desert haboobs bring high winds and tons of dust into the Phoenix area numerous times per year during the monsoon season. Extreme winds cause flying tree branches and wind-whipped debris which may do damage to your outdoor or rooftop air conditioning system. Your air conditioner faces extreme weather conditions with relatively little or no cover at all. Leaves and moisture can be blown into your unit and cause problems. If your air conditioner has not been checked lately, it’s a good idea to schedule a late spring tune-up.

Air Conditioning Filters – Phoenix Resident’s Best Friend

When it comes to unwelcome house guests, the wind brings a host of unhealthy visitors. From allergens to desert dust, pollen to pollutants; Phoenix area homes need protection from particulates. Clean air filters are your first line of defense for improving your indoor air quality. People (especially children) who suffer from asthma, allergies and respiratory conditions should be particularly vigilant in their quest for clean air. Bruce’s Air Conditioning tune-up includes:

  • Replace all air filters and check AC unit for standing moisture or mold.
  • Inspect air conditioning unit for damage from winter weather and storms. Eliminate leaves, branches, bird nests and check for rodents.
  • Inspect all electrical circuits and wires for wear and tear. Pesky rodents sometimes chew on wires. The sun’s UV rays can degrade plastic or make wires brittle; an older unit may simply be suffering from normal aging.

The professionals at Bruce’s Air Conditioning understand the extreme summer heat and fierce monsoon winds will push your AC unit to the limit. It’s best not to wait for small issues to become big problems. Call the experts at Bruce’s Air Conditioning today at 480-968-5652.