What’s a Good Thermostat Temperature Setting During Arizona’s Cooler Months?

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Comfort is key this time of year. The holiday season is almost here and when it’s cold outside, you want your home toasty warm without raising your monthly utility bills to stratospheric levels. You may wonder what the optimal thermostat setting is during our cooler months in fall and winter? The following are some general recommendations for thermostat settings if you live in the greater Phoenix area.

Temperature Settings

Energy.gov says the ideal cooler months thermostat setting to save energy is 68 degrees while you’re at home awake. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) further recommends turning your thermostat seven to 10 degrees lower for at least eight hours a day from the typical heat setting for your home. This can save you as much as 10% a year on heating. Your thermostat temperature setting can be dialed back to these cooler levels at night or while you’re away from home.

Older thermostats can be adjusted manually to coincide with DOE recommendations. Though investing in a programmable thermostat, if you don’t already have one, will allow you to program your thermostat to return your home’s temperature to a cozy, warm setting before you wake up or return home.

The common misconception some HVAC companies mention is that you’re better off cost-wise not lowering your HVAC unit’s thermostat whether you’re at home or away. This is actually incorrect. The lower the indoor temperature during colder months, the slower the loss of heat. In other words, the longer your home stays at the lower thermostat temperature setting, the more energy that’s saved due to your home losing less energy than it would have at the higher thermostat temperature setting.

There are many other things you can do around your house to help save additional money and optimize performance of your home’s thermostat and HVAC system. Bruce’s HVAC experts are your knowledgeable source for seasonal energy saving tips.

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