What Is the Optimal Temperature to Set Your Thermostat in the Summer?

Our enviable spring weather will soon turn into scorching heat within the next two months. For us desert dwellers, triple-digit, summer temperatures are just part of life. Yet, it’s only bearable because of the cool comfort of air conditioning. But, what’s the best temperature to balance comfort with energy savings? Here are some guidelines to follow.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Typically, our bodies are most comfortable when the inside temperature is within a degree or two of a steady 75 degrees during the summer months. However, it’s only necessary to keep your house around 75 degrees while you’re home and awake. Are you away from home for long periods throughout the day? It’s a good energy saving practice to set the temperature several degrees higher for while you’re away, as well as when you’re asleep. Thus, if you work an eight-hour shift away from home, it can save you considerably to raise the temperature during this stretch of time, along with the seven to nine hours when you’re typically asleep. Although, don’t be tempted to set high, uncomfortable temperatures while you’re away. This will result in your air conditioner struggling to lower the temperature to a comfortable level when you return, overworking your system.

Going Away for the Weekend?

Who doesn’t enjoy a quick trip to the beach or the mountains when Phoenix temperatures are soaring? But, don’t be tempted to completely shut off your air conditioning system. Instead, this is the time to take advantage of your hold/permanent/vacation feature to set your thermostat at a constant temperature that’s slightly higher than normal.

Why is turning your system off not a good idea? There actually are three key reasons why it pays to keep your air conditioning functioning at some level while you’re on vacation. The first and most obvious reason is that your indoor temperature will rise quickly if your system is turned off. No one wants to return from a restful getaway to a house that is 95 degrees inside. Also, when your system is turned off, humidity levels can climb, resulting in mold growth and a lack of air circulation. And, there is the issue of security. Savvy burglars are tipped off that no one is home when they don’t hear your outdoor condensing unit kick in.

No Programmable Thermostat?

Still struggling with a thermostat that you have to continuously set and reset? It’s time for a change! Today’s programmable thermostats enable you to quickly program your air conditioner so that it aligns with your schedule. By making this one switch, you’ll not only see savings on your utility bills, you’ll be able to better manage your home’s comfort – especially when it’s unbearably hot outside.

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