Treat and Not Trick Your HVAC System This Fall

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With temperatures still hovering close to the triple digits, it still feels like summer. Yet, relief is in sight with the cool temperatures of fall and winter just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to treat your HVAC system to some preventive care before you have to experience the tricky situation of a system malfunction or breakdown.

HVAC maintenance for your furnace or heat pump should ideally be scheduled before winter arrives. This will ensure you’re prepared for when the cold temperatures hit – and they will! At Bruce’s our HVAC technicians can inspect your system to ensure all parts are functioning as they should be. We clean dirty heat exchangers, igniters and other components. We’ll let you know if there are old or worn out parts that require replacement, too. Moving parts are lubricated, and your system’s electrical components are checked, as well. We’ll finish up with testing and calibrating everything, so you won’t be in for any tricks when you need to flip on the heat.

Treat Your Ducts

Fall is also a great time to have your HVAC system’s ductwork inspected for leaks and cleaned to improve indoor air quality. Not only will you breathe easier, you’ll enjoy a hefty improvement to your utility bill if we find and repair any leaky ducts.

Treat Yourself to a New Programmable Thermostat

Get ready for a cozy and affordable fall and winter by replacing your old thermostat with a new, programmable model. You’ll be able to stabilize your home’s comfort levels and energy bills while reducing the wear and tear on your entire HVAC system.

At Bruce’s, we’re only so good at Halloween-related puns. But, we’re excellent at providing you with the highest quality HVAC service, repair and installation. Why not call us today to schedule your fall tune up, and we’ll treat you to excellent service without any tricks.