The Dog Days of Summer and Your HVAC System

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We’re squarely in those long mid- to late-summer weeks— that period of time that makes Phoenicians long for autumn to arrive. Here are some tips to help your HVAC system help keep you cool until the change of season begins.

Take Another Look at Your Air Filters

Many homeowners are satisfied that they’ve done an adequate DIY AC summer maintenance job by installing new filters. In fact, filters should be changed about once every month during summer due to the increase in airborne dust. Your air filters may even need to be changed more often if there are pets in your home.

Check That Your Vents Are Open

It’s the time to check vents to make certain they are open. Here’s why vents should not be closed. Air conditioning systems are based on balance and pressure. By shutting off vents in one room, you are creating an imbalance in the entire system which does not help and in fact, hinders the effective cooling of your home overall. It’s important to check that no throw rugs, furniture, or houseplants are blocking vents, too.

Recheck Your Thermostat

Check your programmable thermostat to see if it allows for different cooling levels throughout the day, for each day of the week and weekend. Ideally, keep the thermostat’s temperature at 78 degrees for optimal energy efficiency when your family is indoors.

Help Your HVAC Unit Last

AC units are manufactured to last approximately 10 to 15 years, but they’ll only reach this lifespan if they get the proper cleaning and maintenance they require. If you forget to schedule these services as recommended, then you could very well end up facing replacement costs years before you should. Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system ensures that its parts and components don’t give out before the HVAC warranty ends and can help you avoid a premature HVAC system breakdown.

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