Happy Labor Day from Bruce’s

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The beginning of Labor Day, according to historians, was either a demonstration followed by a picnic or a labor strike. Peter McGuire of the American Federation of Labor suggested a demonstration and picnic as the genesis of Labor Day. Some say the holiday was launched by Matthew Maguire who was secretary of the Central Labor Union of New York. Others cite the violent and widespread Pullman Strike of 1894, pitting George Pullman and the U.S. Marshals against Pullman Palace Car Company workers near Chicago. Whatever the origins, Labor Day was designated as a federal holiday by Congress and President Grover Cleveland in 1894. The Labor Day holiday now means a way of recognizing the contributions that working Americans have made to our country.

Labor Day also signals the traditional end of summer, the beginning of football season, and barbecuing with family, neighbors, and friends. Will your Labor Day weekend plans include leaving the Valley of the Sun for cooler weather in the high country or possibly boating on a lake or river? Here’s a checklist to prepare your HVAC system before leaving town.

Lower the Thermostat

Save money on your next utility bill by simply adjusting the temperature setting on your thermostat. Have a programmable or smart thermostat? Set the away temperature four to five degrees higher than the typical at-home setting and then set it to begin running at a lower temperature a few hours prior to your return so that your home will be pleasantly cool and comfortable when you get home. If you have pets, plants, or heat-sensitive furniture in your house, it’s best not to adjust the thermostat.

Change the Filter

With summer ending soon, it’s a good time to replace your air filter, which is likely clogged with dust from monsoon storms. Clogged filters are a leading cause of HVAC inefficiency. It only takes a few minutes to clean or replace your air filter. You’ll not only breathe easier, but you’ll also appreciate the smaller energy bill.

Tune-up Time

An end-of-summer tune up can provide your HVAC system with the maintenance it needs to run smoothly and efficiently into autumn and beyond. One of our professional technicians will test your AC system to make sure that it is working efficiently, lubricate any moving parts, clean the system, and perform a safety inspection. It’s as easy as calling Bruce’s today at 480-968-5652 to schedule service.

Happy Labor Day from everyone at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating. We wish you and your family all the best while taking time to enjoy the last vestiges of summer.