Halloween Safety

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Your home’s interior is decorated. Your porch has spooky ghosts and goblins, and you have plenty of candy on hand for the kids to trick-or-treat. Are you really ready for Halloween? Spooky issues may be brewing in your HVAC system that can lead to costly repairs. Here are common HVAC scares to be aware of this Halloween and beyond.

Blocked Vents

Your HVAC system air vents require proper airflow to send clean air throughout your house. Blocking any of your HVAC vents with decorations, knickknacks, lamps, or furniture may cause decreased airflow as the system has to work that much harder to make up for diminished airflow. This directly impacts your HVAC system performance, resulting in higher utility bills.

Dirty Filter

Halloween is a great time to check and replace your HVAC system air filter. A clogged air filter will result in dust, lint, mite debris, mold spores, and animal dander not effectively being trapped. A dirty air filter causes your fan motor to run longer and consume more energy. The strain on your HVAC system can result in the motor burning out causing your system to overheat and fail. A costly problem.

Malfunctioning HVAC

You shouldn’t spruce up your outdoor HVAC unit with Halloween or other holiday decorations. Placing items too close to the unit can negatively impact its performance. Smaller decorations may get stuck inside the unit and cause it to malfunction.

Candle Caution

While candles can create the perfect spooky Halloween atmosphere, you should be very cautious that you don’t place them too close to your HVAC unit. You should also keep candles away from flammable objects or appliances that generate heat. If you want to place candles close to any of these items, opt for battery-operated candles or lights.

Safe Lighting

Decorative lights add fun to your festive Halloween celebration when the sun goes down. It’s important though to be cautious when using any decorative lighting. You should always use UL (Underwriters Laboratory) safety-approved lights and extension cords when decorating outside. Using safe lighting and approved extension cords can help prevent fires or other electrical hazards.

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