Furnace Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

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January is the month when furnaces are actually being used throughout the greater Phoenix area. In fact, evenings and early mornings can be downright chilly. But, what about those noises? If you’re furnace is making unusual sounds, keep reading…

Noises are an indicator that your furnace likely needs maintenance or repair. Some sounds are even clues that your furnace could be putting your household at risk. Here’s what to listen for:

  • Clicking – A clicking sound may mean a faulty flame sensor or a malfunction between the ignition and the gas. Both of these problems require immediate attention.
  • Rattling – Intermittent or continuous rattles coming from your furnace can be a signal that you have worn or broken components in the motor or fan. Again, you’ll want to get this checked out sooner than later.
  • Screeching – Screeching or squealing sounds can possibly be a faulty belt or fan motor. Both are simple fixes but require the assistance of an experienced HVAC technician.
  • Chirping – Does it sound like a bird is in your furnace? No, you’re not going crazy. It could be a problem with the fan belts, or you just may need a seasonal tune up.
  • Booming – This is the big daddy of furnace sounds that can alarm unsuspecting homeowners – and for good reason. Especially in older models, a booming sound can indicate a buildup of gas from a delay in the ignition. Call an HVAC contractor immediately – especially if you also smell an odor of natural gas.

A Safe, Efficient Furnace Begins with Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your furnace is essential for ensuring it remains in good working order. If it has been more than a year since the last inspection of your furnace, give Bruce’s a call. We can help you identify the noises of your furnace and get it back to running in tip-top shape.

At the first sound of furnace trouble, call Bruce’s at 480-968-5652.