Extreme Weather, Arizona Heatwaves and Air Conditioning

Phoenix residents know a thing or two about extreme weather. Powerful summer thunderstorms with intense lightning, dangerously high winds (microbursts – strong downdraft gusts of wind localized to small geographical areas up to 80 mph) and severe flash-flooding are routine during monsoon season. Dust storms up to eight miles-wide, towering a mile high in the sky, inspire awe. Many Phoenix residents recall the harrowing hailstorm of 2010 when a huge supercell rolled over the valley and dumped three-inch diameter ice balls which rained destruction on cars, buildings, homes and air conditioners. Total damage from that storm exceeded three billion dollars. However dramatic the weather may be, the most dangerous element in the Valley of the Sun is the silent storm sometimes taken for granted – the unrelenting extreme desert heatwaves.

The Peril of Extreme Heat and Air Conditioning

Arizonans love their air conditioners. In fact, many Phoenix residents have their summer routine down to a science, such that they rarely find themselves outside of an air-conditioned environment until mid-fall. From home to car to office to store, they never spend more than a few moments outside. The danger comes when individuals, so accustomed to having AC, find themselves in a situation where extreme heat sneaks up on them and pushes them into a dangerous situation. Remember, during a heatwave, if you experience a breakdown and are without air conditioning, things can rapidly deteriorate. Especially if you suffer from asthma or a respiratory condition, properly working air conditioning can be a life saver.

  • The #1 Rule of Air Conditioning – Be Prepared for the Coming Heatwaves

    Global warming is pushing Phoenix temperatures higher and higher, with approximately three months of 100+ degree days predicted for this summer. With that kind of extreme heat headed our way, is it any wonder we say, the #1 AC rule is be prepared. You would never think of going on a long automobile trip through the desert without filling up with gas first as well as having your car fluids and radiator checked. The same is true for your air conditioner. You should never head into the July, August and September in Phoenix without having your AC system checked, air filters replaced, refrigerant replenished and all components inspected for possible problems.

  • Have a Plan in Place If Your Air Conditioner Goes Down

    Many of us can go a few days in an uncomfortable home where the temperature is in the 90s while the air conditioner is being repaired or replaced. However, if you or someone in your family suffers from asthma or a respiratory condition, it’s important to have a plan to get that person into a cool environment quickly.

Don’t Wait Until A Heatwave Makes You Miserable

Every summer, we perform hundreds of service calls during scorching heatwaves in July, August and September. Many times, we find that the problem could have been detected and dealt with during a pre-summer service checkup. Please, don’t wait for the breakdown to occur. As the Boy Scouts say, “be prepared.” Why not call us today?