Don’t Be Left in the Cold – Heater Strategies You Need Now

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Arizona is known for its sun and heat for most of the year. And, many newcomers are surprised to discover that it can get downright chilly in the Valley of the Sun during the late fall and winter months. This is exactly why it’s vital to ensure your heater is functioning and ready to go when the temperatures begin to dip.

Too often, homeowners are unpleasantly surprised that their heater isn’t functioning or showing unusual signs when they turn it on for the first time of the season. Here’s what you need to know:

Burning Smell

After months of heater sitting dormant, it can collect dust and debris. When you turn on the heater for the first time on a cold fall evening, don’t be surprised to catch a whiff of burning dust. No, it’s not a pleasant odor, but it typically dissipates within the first few minutes. However, if you continue to smell something burning, there could be a problem, and it’s worthwhile to call a technician to find out what’s going on. A skilled contractor will blow out dust and debris inside your furnace and change air filters, as well as fix any problems causing the smell.

Clunky Sounds

Arizona homeowners are often so used to the sound of the air conditioner that they barely hear it. However, a furnace or heater is a different story. They can make a thump or clunk when you turn on the heat. But, this shouldn’t be as loud as a bang. If this is what you’re hearing, you could have a problem with an ignitor.

Schedule Your Tune Up Before You Need Heat

You are unlikely to need heat until November, but you will want to be ready when the cold weather hits. Schedule a tune up today. Your HVAC system will be thoroughly checked with an extra emphasis on the heater. This includes ensuring that the gas pilot is lit and ready to go.

With the holidays around the corner, avoid the rush and schedule your fall heater tune-up today!