Are Annual Furnace Tune Ups Worth the Cost?

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Annual Furnace Tune Ups

It comes highly recommended to have your HVAC equipment checked annually. But is this really necessary? What is done during an annual tune-up that makes it so important?

An annual furnace inspection is the single most effective way to care for your HVAC equipment and prolong its lifespan. Furnace manufacturers recommend annual inspections by a qualified technician, and most have language in their warranties that say that damage caused by not having the proper maintenance won’t be covered.

Also, the older your furnace is, the more important it is to have it looked at. There’s more to go wrong, and it’s usually cheaper and easier to fix an issue if you know about it ahead of time. If you have a brand new furnace, an HVAC service in Gilbert may recommend having it looked at every two years instead of one.

What’s Included with a Tune Up?

When you have a technician service your furnace, it’s a good idea to know what’s being done. Though you would think that all HVAC repair companies in Gilbert deliver the same services, it’s not true. To make things more complicated, there is no industry standard for a furnace tune-up, so companies are left to their own accord as to what to include in their inspection.

At Bruce’s AC, we recommend having the following checked at your annual tune-up:

  • Analyze combustion gases
  • Check blower access door
  • Check fresh air intake grills and louvers
  • Inspect heat exchanger for rust or corrosion
  • Check burners for proper ignition
  • Check drainage system for blockages or leaks
  • Check and clean blower wheel
  • Conduct amp-draw test
  • Check wiring for corrosion or damage
  • Check and replace filters

Why Choose Bruce’s AC for a Furnace Inspection

Bruce’s AC provides detailed, comprehensive tune-ups that will keep your utility costs down and extend the life of your HVAC system. Regular inspections also prevent your furnace from breaking down in the middle of the night.

The year can go by fast, so if you’re not good at scheduling yearly appointments, you might want to consider an ongoing maintenance agreement. Our AC repair company offers pre-scheduled biannual checks for your entire HVAC system – heating and cooling. This means that your HVAC equipment gets steady attention, and you don’t have to do anything!

As you can see, yearly inspections are an important part of keeping your furnace in good condition. Before hiring a company to come out and inspect your furnace, make sure that you do your research and learn about what’s included with the tune-up. Each company is different and will provide different services.

Give Bruce’s AC a call to learn more about our prices on annual inspections. We have been delivering reliable, affordable heating and cooling services since 1972 to residential and commercial customers.

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