5 Tips to Maintain Air Quality during the Summer Months

Summer poses unique air quality issues for Arizona homeowners. With extreme heat, most individuals keep their windows and doors shut and the air conditioner on. While this is necessary for comfort, it can also result in unfiltered air trapped in the house. For those with respiratory issues, such as COPD, allergies and asthma, this can be very problematic.

Harmful contaminants, bacteria and particulates are only part of the issue. Desert monsoon dust storms can also bring inside infection-generating spores and plenty of dust which can collect in vents, ductwork and throughout the home.

Yet, there are solutions to maintaining your home’s air quality all year long. The following guidelines can help you breathe easier throughout the season.

    1. Replace Air Filters
      During the summer months, dust storms, also called haboobs, can quickly push dirt and debris into your HVAC system. This ultimately collects in your air filters and ductwork. By getting in the habit of regularly replacing or cleaning air filters, you can minimize much of the contaminants from entering your inside air. Ideally, filters should be replaced or cleaned every few weeks during the summer months.
    2. Stay on Top of Dust
      No one enjoys pulling out a vacuum, broom or feather duster, but it’s necessary for keeping dust levels down. A little housework can go a long way toward managing air quality.
    3. Open Doors and Windows in the Early Morning
      While it’s often over 110 degrees during the late afternoon hours, the temperature can be quite comfortable in the early morning. Take the opportunity to open windows and doors even for a few minutes to encourage air circulation.
    4. Add Some Indoor Plants
      Not only do plants add color to a room, they can also clean indoor air of carbon dioxide and even reduce formaldehyde, benzene, and other toxins. When ventilation is limited due to the heat, a few additional plants can definitely improve overall air quality.
    5. Consider a Whole-House Air Purifier
      A qualified air conditioning technician can provide you with an evaluation of your home’s air to let you know what particulates are circulating inside. In some cases, a whole-house air purifier may be a smart decision to rid your home’s air of dust mites, mildew, fungus, bacteria and more.

With these tips, you can breathe a little easier during the hot months of summer. And, call 480-968-5652 to speak with one of our air quality gurus.