3 HVAC System Tips to Improve Your Home’s Comfort in 2018

Whoever said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone never experienced summer in Phoenix! In 2018, why not make home comfort your new year’s resolution by optimizing your HVAC system? The following three tips can help improve your home’s comfort throughout the year while also enabling you to save a few dollars in reduced energy consumption.

  1. Get an HVAC System Tune-Up
  2. Perhaps the single most important thing you can do in 2018 to protect the function of your HVAC system is to get a tune-up. HVAC systems require regular maintenance to keep them running properly. During a tune-up, problems also can be identified before they result in a system failure. And, the good news is that HVAC system maintenance is a lot easier than you think. Don’t delay in scheduling this vital step toward having a perfectly comfortable year ahead. And, consider purchasing a maintenance plan for even greater peace of mind to help you stay on track with your maintenance and to save on any repairs you may need down the road.

  3. Replace Your Air Filters
  4. Clogged, dirty air filters not only hinder the function of your HVAC system, they also reduce the quality of your indoor air and drive up the price of your monthly utility bill. By changing out filters once a month, you can do a tremendous service to your system, your family and your budget. Don’t forget this simple step!

  5. Choose a Quality, Local HVAC Company
  6. Based in Chandler and dedicated to homeowners throughout the greater Phoenix area, our HVAC technicians live and breathe air conditioning and heating 24/7/365. Since 1972, Bruce’s Air Conditioning has provided expert service at affordable prices on all makes and models of residential (and commercial) air conditioning and heating systems. Don’t take chances with an unproven HVAC services provider. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can feel confident about your system’s maintenance and repairs every time.

Happy New Year from the entire team at Bruce’s Air Conditioning & Heating